You might be happy

And 2018 and 2019

About two years ago, I bought a calendar — the kind you hang on the wall that now primarily serves a decorative function. I bought two packages of Post-it type tabs at the craft store. They are about the size of the ones that say “sign here.” One package of blue, and one of green. I wanted to track how many good days (blue) I had over time, and how many genuinely awful days I had over time (green).

Every evening, I contemplated the events of the day and then classified it as blue or green. What I’ve found is that I have about 4 truly green (unpleasant) days each month, that if I have more than two weeks of green days it usually means anxiety or depression is sneaking up on me, and it’s time to check in with the doctor; and that over time, I have many more blue days (85 to 90%) than green. I’ve bought more blue stickers. I haven’t run out of green.

I’ve learned that even though my plan for my life isn’t what I thought it would be, if I look at trends over a longer term, I’m (1) pretty happy overall, (2) leading a blue sticker life, and (3) going to try this with blue and green m&ms and see if that skews the results (yes).



I write about everyday observations, and my dog.

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